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Book – The question


Nairb’s Stories

One morning, Nairb was roused from sleep by his coworker honking their car horn when they pulled up to take him to work. At the office, he finds himself in a series of strange circumstances. He was bewildered, and eventually explained his experiences to Grace, his wife.

He uncovered he can heal, ignite, interfere with electronics that release thick smoke, heat objects, and turn metal into liquid.

214 pages

Jun 02, 2023

Nairb uses his powers to heal people during the story, sets his house on fire, melts a car, and evades the authorities with Jim’s help.

Author: Greg Siofer

Publisher: Zukit Publishing


Won a Silver Award at Literary Titan 2023 and a Second place at the Firebird Book Award.

THE QUESTION: Do some things just happen?  

Won a Silver Award at Literary Titan 2023.

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Chapters Story


A loud honking sound wakes me up, and my eyes widen. Glancing at the clock, which reads seven in the morning, I realize I forgot to set my alarm last night for six. In the driveway, I see my coworker Jerry honking. 

I have been carpooling with him for three years since he drives safely, and it saves us gas money. He seemed better than the other option, the bus, as he also works at Home Projects with me as the chief designer, which is mighty convenient.

I swing quickly around the bed to grab my socks, pants, and shirt from the floor. Dashing to the kitchen, I almost slipped on the new hardwood floor. I grabbed a cup from the wooden table that had leftover coffee from yesterday; I took a sip, staining my shirt as I drank too quickly. 

I don’t have time to change. I hurry back to the bedroom and kiss my three-month pregnant wife, Grace, on the forehead while she’s still sleeping like I do every morning. 


The Question - Ultimate Award Winning Book

*By Greg Siofer

2023 Copyright Greg Siofer